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HTTPort SDK highlights:

Creates a TCP/IP tunnel through HTTP proxy which your software could use with no additional efforts, just like direct connection. Creates an embedded SOCKS server with a single call.

Bypasses HTTP proxies and firewalls alike. Supports different methods of bypassing, either using HTTP CONNECT method or special server support. Automatically switches to the more and more complicated methods of bypassing the proxy as necessary. Tunneling traffic looks like sequence of regular HTTP GET requests. Allows you to specify arbitrary User-Agent, request header fields and decorate the URL itself. Supports Basic, NTLM and any other authentication scheme with the proxy (any that client's IE supports).

As a part of HTTPort software, the code has been tested by hundred thousands users for four years. Server component runs with constant load of few hundred users for months. Well thought server threading/locking model utilises multiple CPUs with no unnecessary forks/locks.

Easy to use:
Simple COM wrapper. Samples in VB (using COM wrapper) and Delphi (using native library calls). Source code for various parts. Server component requires no maintenance whatsoever, run once it just keeps running.

Non-restrictive license:
Unlimited number of installations, no royalty payments, licensed for any use in your company's products. The SDK is available in both binary code and sources.
The SDK includes:
* HTTHost server 1.8.4 (same as the mainstream HTTHost, only without encryption).
* HTTPort DLL with the same functionality as the mainstream HTTPort 3.SNFM (only without encryption).
* COM wrapper DLL in VC7 ATL with source.
* Sample applications in VB, Delphi with sources.
* Source code for various components.
* Utility for remote HTTHost monitoring.
Client software DLLs work with any Windows version, 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 with IE 4.01+ installed. HTTHost server requires Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 and optionally can be run under Unix using binary Win32 emulator, such as Wine. In fact Technology Networks now runs it's HTTHost's under FreeBSD.
Working principles:
Please see the quick overview, the idea is the same (because the DLL is HTTPort). You write your client software focusing entirely on TCP/IP transport, using WinSock API, WinSock ActiveX control, any high level component of your choice or whatever else. In your client software preferences you allow user to select an option to connect through a specified HTTP proxy. In case tunneling is required, i.e. the user is blocked behind an HTTP proxy, you create a tunnel using the SDK call and point the client to at some port. That's it. You don't need to do it all over again. Optionally you create and use an embedded SOCKS server. You also install HTTHost server(s) on your server hardware. These will accept tunneling requests and redirect them appropriately. Although your clients may not be using HTTHost all of the time, because the client DLL automatically uses CONNECT method if it's available, with HTTHost being the last hope. You can even turn HTTHosts off, so that clients can only use CONNECT capable proxies.
Restrictions in the demo version:
Demo versions of the DLL and HTTHost are connection limited versions. HTTHost will allow no more than 64 connections, and the DLL will allow no more than 4 tunnels and no more than 4 connections per tunnel. Other than that the demo versions are identical to full ones.
Bandwidth and support provided by
Quantum Silicones Inc.
HTTPort products family is written by Dmitry Dvoinikov
(c) 1999-2006 Dmitry Dvoinikov