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Please enter your registration id and password to proceed. The id may be found on "Register" tab in HTTPort. The easiest and fastest way of entering it is copying/pasting from there.

Registration id:


First time visitors: if you have not changed your password it's the same as your registration id by default.


For new users: if you are not registered and would like to become a registered user of HTTPort, please click "Register" button in HTTPort and follow the instructions. Make sure to have your credit card available.

Want to know what's so beneficial in registering HTTPort ? Please read this answer.

For users who tried to register already: if you have attempted to register but interrupted the process at some point (ex. - did not pay), your HTTPort will show the id, but this id will not allow you to enter. Key id is only activated when your first payment is received. If you would like to re-register now, please close HTTPort, edit httport.ini file, set Registered=0, then start HTTPort again and use Register button in HTTPort like if it was the first time you register. Then see previous note.

Registration id is a string of letters and digits 16 characters long. Something like E13FF2E4B7C9A451.

Your browser must allow cookies, otherwise you will not be able to log in.

Should you have any questions please send e-mail to