HTTHost, tunneling server for HTTPort Products
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HTTHost is a server component for HTTPort. In "Remote host" tunneling mode HTTPort always uses some HTTHost. HTTHost is a standalone application for Win32 but it can be run under Unix with Win32 emulator for Unix, such as Wine.
HTTHost is FREE ( giftware actually). You can freely download HTTHost personal edition, which is only limited with the number of simultaneous connection it allows (64). Separate branch of HTTHost can also be found in the demo version of HTTPort SDK.

Public HTTHost screenshot

For five years that it's open to the public Internet, HTTHost has proven itself to be a rather stable software. It runs with a few hundred connected users for months. Here is one nice real-life screenshot from public HTTHost. Since then we've once seen about 1200 simultaneous connections, but the transfer counters have never been that impressive since then, because the server is restarted every once in a while thus resetting HTTHost statistics.
Bandwidth and support provided by
Quantum Silicones Inc.
HTTPort products family is written by Dmitry Dvoinikov
(c) 1999-2006 Dmitry Dvoinikov