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We would gladly accept offers on hosting public HTTHost servers. Why would you want to share your bandwidth ? The main reason would be a good gesture to the community, making Internet more private and anonymous. We would put a link to you from our front page if you like but this is all we can do.

What is required:

1. The installation MUST be legal. You must be acting on behalf of some legal entity, ex. company. HTTHost may not be installed in "troyan" mode.
2. Internet pipe with at least 256 kbit/sec of bandwidth dedicated exclusively to HTTHost. HTTHost has a built-in throttling, and you can set it to as low as 128 kbit/sec. for tunneled traffic, which, coupled with HTTP traffic makes about 256 kbit/sec. total.
3. Machine with static IP address and available port 80. HTTHost MUST be run on port 80, otherwise it's no good as it's not available to many users. The machine may reside behind a firewall, but then inbound port 80 must be open, so that HTTHost can be reached, and ALL the outbound ports must be open, so that HTTHost can perform it's task of tunneling.
4. The machine must be up and running 24/7, no exceptions. Someone must be available for immediate contact (e-mail or ICQ) in case of any problem. Hardware-wise, it may be as light as P2-400/128.
5. The machine may be running Windows 2000+, BSD or Linux. Under Unix, HTTHost may only be run under Win32 binary emulator, such as Wine. Actually, Techology Networks now runs its HTTHost's under FreeBSD.

Just like there is not enough counter reasons, we have to warn you that HTTHost is a public service and it's gonna be used by all sorts of users, including those who you'd not normally like.

Please send all your questions and comments to
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Quantum Silicones Inc.
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