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Q: So, MY data is being transferred through YOUR server. How do I know that you don't make improper use of it ?

Well, technically you don't. To a degree it's a matter of trust. When your data is being tunneled through a public (or a privileged in case you are a registered user) tunneling server (HTTHost) it's transferred in encrypted form all the way up to the HTTHost itself thus leaving the proxy (and any other relays all the way) blind. But when on the HTTHost, it HAS to be decrypted and sent in plain to the target server of yours (the one you are tunneling to).

Now, once the data is decrypted and transferred, theoretically ANYONE can watch it flowing. Internet is an OPEN network, this is something to always remember.

All the above explanations does not mean of course that we are using your data or even reading it. Thank you very much, we do NOT. Once again - Technology Networks does NOT make any (call it proper or improper) use of your data that it transfers.


Because of the current situation with the Internet in USA (and generally everywhere in the world), all the service providers have to keep some sort of logs in order for always being able to explain who and when used their services. Anonymous user is considered to be a public enemy. As we are running this service from inside USA, we have to equip all the HTTHost servers with logging. Therefore, if you use HTTPort in "Remote host" mode, everything except for the data transferred is being logged by the HTTHost server. This includes time, proxy IP address, target server IP address and port. To avoid logging, you can install your own HTTHost server.


HTTPort is a product of Technology Networks LLC. The software is distributed by it. ALL of the PRIVILEGED HTTHost servers (for registered users) are hosted by it alone. SOME of the public HTTHost servers are hosted by it. The above "NOT" applies to the servers hosted by TN only. As we offer hosting PUBLIC HTTHost servers to any company out there (thinking of it as of a good gesture to the community), there COULD be PUBLIC HTTHost servers hosted by some other company, not TN. TN has absolutely no way of controlling usage of anything that is not within it's reach.

Please be aware and remember - Internet is an open network. You need it secured ? The simplest advise would be - use encrypted application protocols. A better one - hire a security specialist or BE a security specialist.
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