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Q: What are the benefits of registering and how do I register ?

When you register, you get access to privileged servers running HTTHost. What it gives you is as follows:

1. Much faster response time (lower lag) on tunneled connections. Compared to 3-9 seconds with public HTTHosts, privileged HTTHosts have their timeouts set to 0-2 seconds.
2. Faster throughput. The line where privileged HTTHosts are run is shared by ones, not by hundreds of users. Compared to ~1K/sec. top throughput with public, you get around 15K/sec. top throughput (when streaming data, i.e. downloading stuff).
3. Access to all network services (ports). Public HTTHosts only have a limited set of ports open for tunneling. For instance, FTP and telnet are disabled on public HTTHosts.

Note that your registration only works in "Remote host" bypass mode. If your proxy supports "SSL/CONNECT", you don't need to register. But even in this case you may want to, because when working through HTTHost you are much more anonymous, compared to when you are working directly through your proxy. Privileged HTTHosts only allow encrypted traffic between themselves and your HTTPort thus making it even more private.

Also note that HTTPort is not limited or crippled in any way. Registration and privileged status only helps people to get around the speed limitations of free public HTTHosts servers.

As to HOW to register, please click "Register" button on "Register" tab in HTTPort and follow the instructions.
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