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"Am I safe ?" / Big brother questions
* I'm using HTTPort. Is there a chance that my proxy is still tracking my activity ? »
* What about the security ? Does HTTPort increase the vulnerability of our network ? »
* So, MY data is being transferred through YOUR server. How do I know that you don't make improper use of it ? »
"How to ?" / Question on setting up particular software for use with with HTTPort
* How to set up HTTPort for use with "some software" ? »
* How to set up HTTPort for use with Donkey/Kazaa/Morpheus/WinMX or other file sharing app ? »
* How to set up HTTPort for use with ICQ ? »
* How to set up HTTPort for use with e-mail client (Outlook, Messenger, Pegasus, Eudora, The BAT!, etc.) ? »
* How to set up HTTPort for use with web browser to surf anonymously ? »
* How to set up HTTPort for use with FTP ? »
* How to set up HTTPort for use with IRC ? »
* How to set up HTTPort for use with AOL Instant Messenger ? »
* How to set up HTTPort for use with MSN Messenger ? »
* How to set up HTTPort for use with news browser (NNTP)? »
* How to set up HTTPort for use with PCAnywhere ? »
* How to set up HTTPort for use with Quake, Counter-Strike, or other Internet game ? »
* What if my software does not allow me to edit the address to connect to ? »
* I'm blocked with a proxy, but I need to run FTP (HTTP, ...) server so that people can connect to it from outside. Can HTTPort help ? »
* What are the ports for HotMail POP3 service ? »
* Does HTTPort work with ISA server ? »
"HTTHost issues ?" / Questions on running HTTHost
* How to run HTTHost as a system service on NT/2000/XP ? »
* How to run HTTHost under Unix ? »
* Can I use HTTHost under Windows 98 ? »
"Registration ?" / Question on registration process or specific to registered users
* What are the benefits of registering and how do I register ? »
* I want to register but I can't pay with credit card. What should I do ? »
* The "Register" button is disabled. What's wrong ? »
* I'm a registered user and I have forgotten my HTTPort password -OR- my computer crashed and I've lost everything -OR- I have re-installed HTTPort and the registration id now reads different. What should I do ? »
"Gimme a proxy !" / Questions on finding public proxies and such
* Where can I find a list of available proxies ? »
* I'm in Saudi Arabia and I have no proxy. Please give me a proxy. »
"Why this happens to me ?" / Assorted questions on HTTPort not working
* Error 103 or 104 ? Invalid connection id ? »
* It says "Proxy request failed with retcode X ?". Why ? »
* "Rate limit exceeded" with ICQ ? »
* Why doesn't FTP work ? »
* When I'm trying to run HTTPort, it says something like "... the wininet.dll file linked to missing export shlwapi.dll ...". What's wrong ? »
* Why does DCC not work in my IRC client ? »
* When I connect to IRC server, it says something like "Unauthorized connection, unknown@xx.xx.xx.xx" and closes connection. Why ? »
* Can I use HTTPort with telnet ? »
* Why is my connection so slow ? »
* Why does HTTPort fail with message "407 proxy authentication required" although I've entered the password ? »
* What does a "remote host error" with that number mean ? »
* It works but every time it pops up with message "0106 no such variable". How can this be fixed ? »
* I'm using government/college/school proxy, and HTTPort just stopped working. Why ? »
* When I use IRC with HTTPort, my whois (address) is always shown the same, and it has nothing to do with my address. Why ? »
* MS Outlook gives me "The host '' could not be found. Please verify that you have entered the server name correctly." What's up ? »
* It gives me "Proxy request failed with HTTP retcode 502" or other blah-blah-blah with 502 in it. Any suggestions ? »
* I keep getting "Request got ruled out by the proxy and cannot be restarted" error. What can I do to fix it ? »
"HTTPort ?" / Questions on HTTPort itself, the product, it's future and features
* Is there HTTPort/HTTHost for Unix/Mac ? Or, may be there are other similar products that I can use ? »
* Will there be a SOCKS5 support in HTTPort ? »
* Do I have to remove the earlier version before installing [latest version] ? »
* May I take a look at HTTPort source code ? Will you advise me how to write "my program" ? »
"Other ?" / Miscellaneous questions
* Just what exactly SSL/CONNECT is ? »
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