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HTTHost 1.8.5 Personal:
1. Changed behaviour with Host: request field replacement with Passthrough. This is of any concern only to those who run their own HTTHosts. See readme for more info.
2. Fixed bug with passthrough when all the (keep-alive, persistent) redirected requests but the first didn't have their headers (Host) modified. Now HTTHost explicitly changes Connection: request field to 'close' when redirecting the request. Same note applies.
HTTPort SDK 1.8.4, HTTHost 1.8.4 Personal:
1. Console version 1.8.1 of HTTHost had connection logging broken, now this has been fixed.
2. HTTHost was dropping connections with "You are too fast" error message in weird cases when Windows system time was jumping backwards (and this sometimes occured in the new environment, probably due to the time synchronization of some sort, ex. this). Now the timing routine is patched to return monotinically non-decreasing values. It now can return two or more identical values in a row, but this zero time difference shouldn't break anything.
HTTPort SDK 1.8.1:
1. This version of the SDK is built on the same source with the mainstream HTTPort/HTTHost. The separate branch does not exist any more. The new version of the SDK thus supports many advanced features the previous version lacked, ex. SOCKS support (client) and bandwidth limit (server). It's therefore considered a different product, although backwards compatible with the previous version of the SDK.
2. The DLL interface remained the same for compatibility reasons, but the COM wrapper has been totally reworked. The IHTTPort3 interface is now MUCH simpler to use. See HTTPortCW.DLL\ for the wrapper source and VisualBasic\ for the sample VB6 application using it.
3. Three vital DLLs come with source and allow you to extend or modify the SDK behaviour as you feel right. Those are the same DLLs source for which is available on the download page
4. Remote monitoring utility for HTTHost is included.
1. All the WinInet HTTP request handling has been totally re-worked. The code is moved to request.dll. The new code specifically handles the "no proxy, firewall only environment" case. Leaving proxy as empty will tell HTTPort to use direct HTTP connection. Note that this will only work in "Remote host" mode (CONNECT requires a proxy).
2. Added encryption password saving. This is a simple but long required feature I believe.
3. URL and tunneled data encoding is moved to the external transfer.dll. The DLL is released in open source (comes with personal HTTHost package). Now you can modify the way HTTPort sends tunneled data through HTTP, and make it mimic any regular HTTP traffic. For instance, by writing your own transfer.dll, you can make HTTPort traffic look like surfing a news site with meaningful articles, images and whatnot. Steganography readily jumps to mind. IMPORTANT: because of this change, HTTPort 3.SNFM can't talk with HTTHosts prior to 1.8.0. It's not a problem if you are using public or privileged host, but if you are running your own HTTHost, make sure to update it too.
4. Added support for custom User-Agent (set User-Agent to None/Custom, then edit httport.ini for CustomUserAgent=...).
5. Added support for custom HTTP request header fields (edit httport.hdr).
6. The list of available public HTTHosts (stored in httport.lst file) is no longer encrypted.
7. Minor cosmetic updates. Couple of minor bugfixes, nothing critical.
HTTHost 1.8.0:
1. Added connection logging. As described here it simply has to be done. It's off by default with the personal HTTHost but all the public and privileged hosts have it on.
2. All the URL and tunneled data encoding is moved to transfer.dll. This is the same DLL shared with HTTPort and it comes with source.
3. Again, couple of minor bugfixes.
HTTPort 3.SNF2:
1. Fixed bug in WinInet handling code. HTTHost's port number was not passed properly, which prevented running HTTHosts on port different from 80. This bug was introduced in 3.SNF1, it came with the switch to WinInet only. Now HTTHosts can be run on any port again.
HTTPort 3.SNF1:
1. Fixed annoying "no config change on system shutdown bug". Well, I mean I hope it's fixed :)
2. Fixed VERY annoying "last FTP send bug". The last bytes of the file being FTP uploaded have been lost sometimes. This is fixed now by simply deferring disconnect until all data is properly sent.
3. Removed everything Ad/Banner related. Added "Send a Gift" clickable link instead.
4. All the requests are now made with WinInet engine. Native low level GETs code is totally removed.
HTTPort 3.SNF:
1. HTTPort is made more resistant to proxy counter measures. The connections are therefore more stable. If you have experienced random disconnects within minutes from the start with previous versions, try the new one.
2. Several cosmetic changes, ex. the user-agent list is refreshed and the encryption key creation window now allows mouse challenged users to create keys too.
HTTPort 3.SN2:
1. Changed format of the commands that go between HTTPort and HTTHost. If you are using HTTHost personal edition, don't forget to download the new version of HTTHost too. HTTPort 3.SN2+ will only talk to HTTHost 1.6.0+.
HTTPort 3.SN1:
1. Fixed a problem with the configuration not saved when Windows was restarted or shut down. WM_ENDSESSION message was not handled properly. It's fixed now and configuration is saved ok.
HTTPort 3.SN:
1. NTLM authentication scheme support.
2. Improved protocol, more resistant to proxy faults.
3. Faster HTTHost servers for registered users.
HTTPort 3.S:
1. Built-in SOCKS support.
2. Strong traffic encryption.
3. HTTHost personal edition.
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