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Q: How to run HTTHost as a system service on NT/2000/XP ?

(posted by Arjen, see original article here)

Step 1
Create a directory under your root and call it SRVANY and copy these two files: SRVANY.EXE and INSTSRV.EXE into the SRVANY directory. You can get them here ( as a zip file.
Step 2
Go to the DOS Command prompt and navigate to the SRVANY Directory. At the command prompt type: INSTSRV HTTHOST c:/srvany/srvany.exe Notice the second element on the command line "HTTHOST". This is the "name" of the service that you will create. Later, you will go to the control panel Services and will access the service by this name. More later. The point here is that since you are creating a name, you can call it anything you want.
Step 3
Start regedit.
Step 4
Open up the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/System/CurrentControlSet/Services/HTTHOST
Step 5
Right click on 'HTTHOST' and create a new key 'Parameters'
Step 6
Right click on 'Parameters' and create a new string 'Application'.
Step 7
Double-click on 'Application' and add the command to start-up the commandline-HTTHOST server, e.g. "C:/htthost/htthostc.exe start". Close it all up and exit the REGEDT32 program.
Step 8
Open the control panel Services and scroll to the HTTHOST line and double click on it. A dialog box opens up. Choose the Startup Type: Automatic (for unattended operation, this will allow the HTTHOST server to be active when there is no one logged on). Click on the Local System Account and disable 'Service to Interact with Desktop' in the 'Log On As: section'.
Step 9 (Final)
Press OK, and choose Close in the Services applet. You're done. Try first to start the service from the services applet. It should be started. If that works, you can test your setup by shutting down the machine properly and re-booting. HTTHOST will be active before you even log on. Try to access the HTTHOST Server now from another machine before you log on. That's it.

To stop the HTTHOST Server, enter in a DOS shell
>c:/htthost/htthostc.exe stop
This will terminate the server properly, e.g. it creates the tables necessary for the fast start-up mode.
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