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Q: I'm in Saudi Arabia and I have no proxy. Please give me a proxy.

I don't have a proxy, you know. In Saudi Arabia you are left to mercy of your government. As far as I know the KSA is totally iron walled from the rest of the internet by means of huge proxying facilities run by government or secret service or whatever. (Note that this situation closely resembles the situation within any huge enterprise, so those of you who work within tightly blocked companies can take the following advise too).

For that reason all the known offensive sites can and are easily blocked. I think this site is blocked too. The public HTTHost server is blocked (not so much effort blocking one host). The privileged HTTHosts will drift into being blocked over time as they become known to the responsible people.

The only hope for you would be installing a personal HTTHost on some machine outside your proxy (for KSA'ers this means - outside your country !), set it listening on port 80 (default port for www surfing), use it and pray that the amount of offensive traffic you generate would never be noticed. If your host gets blocked, find another external machine and install HTTHost on it etc. Be prepared that they find you ! You are breaking the law ! You are responsible for that !

The next bad thing to happen would be that the proxy learns to determine and block HTTPort traffic as such, not on per-host basis, no matter which external server it goes to. But then again it's an infinite process, because I can (and most probably will) improve the URL mangler.
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