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Q: I keep getting "Request got ruled out by the proxy and cannot be restarted" error. What can I do to fix it ?

This error means that the proxy didn't let a whole series of HTTPort requests through. Notes: (1) Check the "Show warnings" checkbox and see the retry attempts as they go. (2) If there is none, the request that didn't make through was non-restartable (and the error message includes that too). In this case Stop/Start HTTPort again and hope for the best. (3) In any case, retrying whatever you were doing is your only hope. If it happens again and again, and you never get any result, then uhm, read on.

Now, to the mysterious part - why this happens ? The proxy should be purposedly or occassionally blocking the URLs, ex. block the remote servers' (HTTHosts') locations or apply excessive URL filtering. You have to fix the proxy, if you can, but doubtfully anything else, not with the current version of 3.SNF2 at least.
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