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Q: It says "Proxy request failed with retcode X ?". Why ?

The error message says "proxy request failed with retcode X". This means exactly what it says - your proxy was asked to do something but instead it returned an error X. Why would a proxy do that ? It really depends. The proxy may be configured to deny HTTPort requests OR it can experience technical difficulties OR ... OR ... OR ...

Most probably this is not an HTTPort problem, but a proxy instead.

Although there is a possibility that your HTTPort is misconfigured in such a way that the proxy wouldn't be able to deliver what asked for. For instance, if your proxy requires authorization, and you mistyped a password, the proxy will return you retcode 407 and do nothing further. Or, if you entered garbage in "Use personal host at", the proxy will be asked to deliver content from garbage web server and will return you one error or another.

Therefore, if you have a problem with proxy returning errors - check and double check every single piece of HTTPort config and make sure it's right. Read FAQ, docs and newsletter (didn't you yet ?) to see what could matter.

Finally, you are sure everything is configured properly, and the proxy still fails. What to do ? If the failures are temporary, the proxy must be having hard times, just ignore errors. If on the other hand the errors are permanent, the proxy must have been configured in a way which makes it to fail on HTTPort requests. This is more likely to happen with filtering proxies in universities and such, where there are people actually monitoring what people are doing. For instance "I have a proxy that blocks all the adult sites and pirated sites and such, and HTTPort worked for a while but then stopped, why ?", I guess the answer is obvious - your proxy started to block it.

I doubt if anything can be done if you can't re-configure the proxy. Try installing your personal HTTHost somewhere. This may give you a breath, or it may not.
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