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Q: How to set up HTTPort for use with Donkey/Kazaa/Kazaa/Morpheus or other file sharing app ?

There are two problems with P2P applications.

First, they generate an enormous amount of traffic. This is why the ports belonging to all the well known P2P apps are blocked on both public and privileged HTTHost servers. They were opened once, but as it turned out to be, a single user can bring the whole server to a crawl, simply by consuming all the bandwidth. This we cannot afford. If you need P2P through HTTPort, please install your own HTTHost on your own pipe.

The second problem with these programs is that they tend to support SOCKS5 only, whereas HTTPort provides only a SOCKS4 server. Some of them, like WinMX, DO support SOCKS4 and can be run fine through HTTPort. The others still can be run, by means of some auxiliary application called SocksCap, inserted in between the P2P app and HTTPort. Please see the SocksCap docs on how to use it.
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