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Q: I'm a registered user and I have forgotten my HTTPort password -OR- my computer crashed and I've lost everything -OR- I have re-installed HTTPort and the registration ID now reads different. What should I do ?

First, there is absolutely no way to recover your HTTPort password or HTTPort key when it's lost.

Your HTTPort encryption key is the thing that makes you distinct from the privileged HTTHost server point of view. It's stored in httport.key file which can be found in the HTTPort directory. To quote the registration e-mail that you should have received:

> Please backup httport.key file to the safe location and don't forget your
> encryption password. In case httport.key file is lost or you forget your
> password, there is absolutely no way to recover your key.

If you have re-installed HTTPort or installed a newer version, simply copy the original httport.key file over to the new installation directory and it will work just fine.

Ok, finally let's say bad things happened and you have lost your key (forgotten your password, which is effectively the same). If you have created a new key, the registration ID in HTTPort WILL read different, and it will be a different key, therefore privileged server WILL deny you.

Step by step recovery procedure:

1. Create a new HTTPort key. Write down the password this time, will you ? :)
2. Start registration process again. If the "Register" button is disabled, please see this FAQ answer.
3. When prompted, enter the same e-mail address the original key has been registered to. This is important, otherwise how can we know that this key is yours ?
4. Following registration steps, get up to a point where you are about to pay for a "new" registration. Do not pay, as you have already payed.
5. At this moment the key is already delivered to our server, but is not marked as "nice guy who pays", so normally nobody would ever pay attention to it.
6. Drop a line to, specifying exactly: your original (lost) registration ID, your new registration ID (see HTTPort's tab), the e-mail both keys have been registered to and make sure that the message is sent from the same e-mail address. Having all this info, we can be pretty certain that you are the owner of key you are about to revoke.
7. Within 2-3 days someone goes and manually disables the old key and enables the new one. You are being sent a confirmation e-mail and can continue using the privileged HTTHost server with a new key.
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