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Q: I'm using HTTPort. Is there a chance that my proxy is still tracking my activity ?

Yes, it most definetely IS tracking your activity. Networking activity cannot be hidden as such. Someone is always able to see something. What your admins can see mostly depends on the tunneling mode you are using. See the "Bypass mode" on the "Proxy" tab and "Enable strong data encryption" checkbox on the "System" tab.

Each time you connect to the mapped server with HTTPort, there appears a record like
YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS YOUR_PC_NAME CONNECT mapped_remote_server_address:mapped_remote_port
in the proxy logs. Nothing can be easier to notice and it tells exactly what server you are using. Also your data is transferred as-is, so your administrator can easily pick your traffic from the wire and plain read it.

"Remote Host" mode:
The records that your admin has in his logs, now look like
YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS YOUR_PC_NAME GET htthost_server_address:htthost_server_port ? RANDOMLYLOOKINGGARBAGE
As you can see, the data that your administrator has in his logs, does not clearly reflect your destinations, all that can be seen is that you use some unknown htthost_server. In this mode your data is encoded on transfer and appears in proxy logs (and on the wire likewise) in the form of some randomly looking strings. Here is where the encryption comes to play. If you don't use encryption, those strings only look random, but in fact the data is in there simply encoded. Having a spare hour, your admin or some guy in a suit can recover it. If you use encryption, the data is strongly encrypted and decryption is not simple. On the other hand, the protection that you get from HTTPort encryption is not perfect. Please see the HTTPort newsletter for more information on encryption in HTTPort and its tradeoffs.

The bottom line would be - no matter how you use it, it's only you who is responsible for all the possible consequences. You are most probably violating your company (school, college, country) regulations by using HTTPort. You know better, but if your life or your job is on the line, don't take the chance. It'd be you who is caught and it's gonna be entirely your responsibility.
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