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Q: How to set up HTTPort for use with Quake, Counter-Strike or other Internet game ?

Running realtime games, like Counter-Strike through HTTPort is hardly a good idea. First, it may not work either because it uses UDP/IP protocol, which is totally not supported by HTTPort, or it requires a range of ports to be available. Second, even if such a game uses only a limited number of TCP/IP connections for talking with it's server, the connection can technically be established, but the lag in order of a second renders it useless. So I'd say forget it.

There is another family of networked games, that can be run through HTTPort and MUD is their name. Those games tend to be using a single TCP connection to the server and not to require quick response time. Such games can be set up in a usual HTTPort fashion - by either creating a proper mapping or through the SOCKS4 server.
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