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Q: How to set up HTTPort for use with PCAnywhere ?

Here's how to make pcAnywhere 8.0 and greater work through HTTPort (suggested by Nick P.

Adjust your registry, and add this key to it with regedit:
(Add TCPIPConnectIfUnknown as a DWORD value, and set it to 1).

Next, add two ports to HTTPort:
pcAnywhere Status: 5631 Local, 5631 Remote
pcAnywhere Connection: 5632 Local, 5632 Remote

For both ports, set the hostname to the host that you will control with pcAnywhere.

Set your connection method to SSL/Connect (If your proxy server supports it, which it should), not remote host, otherwise you won't get enough speed to make pcAnywhere usage a happy experience...

Create a new connection in pcAnywhere, and point it (or localhost if you don't like IP addresses).

That's it!
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