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Q: What if my software does not allow me to edit the address to connect to ?

1. If your software tries to connect to "" (just like Napster does), you should append the following line

to the file
c:\winnt\system32\drivers\etc\hosts (for NT)
c:\windows\hosts (for 9x)

This will allow a local name resolution for this host, and it will be resolved to localhost. Just what we need.
Note: you may not have 'hosts' file, but 'hosts.sam' instead, which is a 'sam'ple file. You just copy 'hosts.sam' to 'hosts' and edit the new file.

2. If your software tries to connects to a predefined address like, this is much harder to fix. Please make sure that you are familiar with TCP/IP setup before proceeding. Or ask a guru friend for help :)

In brief - you should edit your TCP/IP parameters and add a new IP address to your network adapter. Thus your local machine will host two (or more) IP addresses: your previous IP address and From this point TCP/IP layer will not route packets to any farther than localhost.

Note, that this may prevent other local software from functioning. Do not touch except for the strongest need.
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