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Q: What does a "remote host error" with that number mean ?

HTTPort and HTTHost use their own protocol. This protocol errors are reported as all others and look like:

Name: 0xxx Error message

Name is a name of a mapping or socksified connection. It does not really matter what mapping gave you an error, it just means that there was an error when communicating with the server. The good thing about those errors is that HTTHost was up and available. The bad thing is that something went wrong.

Error message is a readable error message, as reported by HTTHost. Most of the errors that you can be seeing have messages self-explanatory.

You should ignore (i.e. pay absolutely no attention to) the following HTTHost errors:

0103 Invalid connection id
0202 Connection state closed
0203 Connection state disconnected

The above messages do occur all the time, it's the way the protocol works. Only when accompanied with other errors do they appear to be a problem.
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